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  1. Kyle Burnett

    Have fun you two! I’m so excited to watch as this adventure unfolds. It takes daring individuals to do what you are doing, I admire that. Good luck and stay safe!!

  2. Brady and Shelly

    if I can make a suggestion.. If you are in Siem Reap. Find a way to Trat Thailand and go to Koh Chang while you are in that general neck of the woods. It really was the best island we had been to. The people are simply wonderful and the island is right up your ally!! Great reading along on your adventures and I cant help but feel nostalgic looking back on so many similar feelings and experiences. We liked Sihanoukville simply for the dining on the beach thing. We didn’t find that anywhere else we’ve been. If you are still there check out our friend’s guesthouse.. Rumahku Boutique Hotel. Vivi is the manager and she was our manager in sihanoukville and moved there to run this hotel. She’s awesome but dont know what the budget is. Tell her Brady and Shelly sent ya.. 🙂

  3. Carol

    the last time I looked at the map the highest number pin was in the single digits. Wow, it is amazing how much area you’ve covered in such a short time. It is great that you will have such a wonderful record of your travels. Is your itinerary flexible, if you absolutely love a place do you plan to stay longer?

    1. Bryan Ballweber

      Our itinerary is pretty flexible. We have already stayed an extra week in Cambodia that we didn’t really plan for. If there is somewhere we want to stay longer we typically do.


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